Your feedback means the world to us!

It’s been already about 9 months since the machines started producing the first batch of Linky boards! It’s unbelievable how fast time flies. We have always said that quality and safety are our highest priorities, so the feedback we’ve received in our first months is extremely valuable to us! We keep learning and improving.

We’re currently working on a new batch. Some things we improved based upon your feedback? With the first batch, the headlight screw wasn’t fixed tightly enough, resulting in that some customers had to tighten it a bit more. That’s something we paid attention to. Also, the remote control has been made more solid. And over time, the firmware got some updates to improve as well. All thanks to all of your feedback!

All the subparts of the current batch are now ready and we’re heading into the assembly stage. We’re expecting to start shipments end of this month!

With that, we also have an update for the U.S. customers from our very first batch. Unfortunately, there is still no progress is the customs situation, so we will start sending boards from the batch that is currently in production. After the weekend, we’ll send out another email to everyone involved with more details about this. We will make sure every single backer receives their Linky – one way or another!

Have a great weekend,
The Linky Team

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