Flying with Linky: the do’s & don’ts

Boarding airplanes with lithium-ion batteries has been a hot topic for a while now. Even more so since rules changed again end of last year. It has resulted in various companies going out of business this month. The main reason for their issues was the fact that the rules hold that the batteries should be removable; something that wasn’t the case for their smart luggage products.

Linky’s battery is removable and has the right paperwork, and therefore you will face no issues when flying with your board. Just make sure that you know what to do!

The most important thing is that both the battery and the remote are kept in hand luggage. If you want to put the board itself in hold luggage, this means that you will have to remove the battery before packing. No worries, this is an easy procedure, which you can review in this video.

In addition to keeping the battery and the remote in your hand luggage, also make sure that you bring the battery’s certificates. These were shipped in the box, but can be requested again by sending us a direct message via Facebook or an email to

Looking for a good bag to travel with? Of course the backpack that came with your order is great, but if you need more space, why not get the big Voyage Bag! You can order it via Indiegogo.  

Enjoy your weekend and have fun on all your trips!

The Linky Team

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