How to travel by plane with Linky

One of the reasons that make Linky unique in the electric skateboard industry is its outstanding compactness. With its solid foldable system, you just squeeze it in your backpack when your ride is finished.

A lot of our customers are happily using Linky as a vehicle for commuting in cities, but more and more people are using it as a travel vehicle. Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions and to its lightness Linky can be fit in a suitcase and can be a perfect companion in your adventure around the world.

Obviously, there are some regulations to respect when it comes to traveling with an electric skateboard by plane.


Lithium-ion batteries are considered as a dangerous good and therefore to facilitate your trip with Linky we have prepared a simple step by step guide that you should follow before your trip starts.

Electric Skateboards are equipped with Lithium-Ion Batteries and the first thing you should know is that most of the airlines don’t allow them in the check-in luggage. They should be removed from the equipment and taken with you in the cabin.

Step 1 – Decide if you want to carry the Linky in the cabin or in the check-in luggage.

Step 2 – If it comes with you in the cabin you can just put the skateboard as it is in your bag. If it goes in the check-in luggage you should remove the battery following this video. You will bring the battery with you in the cabin and leave the Linky inside your big luggage.

Step 3 – The battery of the Linky has 125wh, this allows the skateboard to reach 18km of range and to provide extremely high peak power to climb very steep hills. Every spare battery within 160wh is generally allowed in the cabin by airlines. Anyway, before taking with you the Linky to the airport we encourage you to check the website of your airline under the section dangerous goods/batteries. You can find here some examples: some airlines allow spare batteries in the cabin [1], [2] others restrict them to be inside the equipment [3].

As you can understand the regulation is quite wide so if you have any doubts just contact us at and we’ll guide you through the regulations.

We wish you can enjoy your next adventure with Linky!

Have Fun!!

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