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Can anyone ride Linky?

Technically, yes. Linky is easy to use, though you’ll want to have good balance and be at least minimally sporty. We recommend wearing athletic shoes and protective equipment when using Linky.

To answer the question “How easy it is to ride Linky?” we held an event with some beginners. Here’s the video.

How much weight can Linky carry?

The Linky has been homologated to support a rider of 100 kg

Are you sure that the folding system is sturdy?

Yes. We know you’re concerned about this, and we’re here to set the record straight. A folding point does not have to be a mechanical weakness, and we’ve concentrated most of our R&D here. The use of high strength plastic polymers combined with our engineering experience allowed us to make this system both sturdy and light. We have tested the prototype for hundreds of kilometers and subjected it to all sorts of abuse including jumping on the central part of the folding system. Basically if you don’t run it over with a car, it’ll be fine.

How flexible is Linky?

Linky is flexible like a normal longboard. We’ve carefully studied the central support to optimize flex, allowing a sporty yet comfortable ride.

Will it fold while I am riding it?

No way. We’ve developed a system of joints to make sure that Linky remains in the open position safely and securely during riding.

Is it easy to open and close?

Yes. We’ve worked hard on perfecting the opening and closing mechanism so that it is as smooth and easy as possible. The two parts slide pretty effortlessly open. The mechanism takes literally seconds to open and close.

Does it ride/push just like a normal longboard?

Not exactly. No electric longboard feels exactly the same as a non-electric one because the power train system limits the free spinning of the powered wheel, but the difference is minimal. On the other hand, without having to foot-pedal, you do get a sensation of freedom and ease of travel on the Linky. One slight difference from the traditional longboard shape is our signature polygonal foot areas and folding mechanism, which limits the foot placement to the deck areas. Linky should not be used for tricks or dancing (though we’d love to see you invent a new dance on it!), as much as we love those things.

Why does Linky use front traction?

In order to maximize compactness and the electronic yield, we have positioned the electronics all at the front of the board, protected by plastic covers that are sealed with an O-Ring. We find that the rider’s weight is sufficient to guarantee good grip of all the wheels.

Why does Linky not have a kicktail/handle/off-road wheels?

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from users who wished Linky had some other physical features.

(1) A few of you die-hard longboarders have said it would be cool if this board had a kicktail (raised back, for the non-initiated). Unfortunately, this would negatively affect the folding design so it wouldn’t fit in a bag. Kicktails are great for tricks and jumps, while Linky was designed mainly to ride flat on the ground.

(2) Some people have suggested that a scooter-type handle would make them feel more comfortable on Linky. We’ve opted for a true longboard performance feel, and we do believe it doesn’t take long to get used to riding it. Trust us, it’ll be fun.

(3) There are some awesome boards with off-road wheels out there, but Linky won’t have them. Why? They’re too big to fit in the bag, and they obstruct the folding mechanism. Technically you could try adding them yourself, though.

Is Linky Waterproof?

Yes, Linky is waterproof to the IP65 grade (see this chart for definition). The electronic components are in an o-ring sealed compartment that does not let in dust or water. This means you can ride in rain and through puddles and the electronics will not be affected. You can also wash Linky. We do not recommend submerging it in a bath, pool, lake or otherwise ;). Also, for safety reasons, although Linky CAN ride in wet conditions, you should be aware that any kind of skateboarding on wet pavement may be dangerous and we don’t advise it.

What is the difference between the regular charger and the fast charger?

Linky ships with a regular charger, which takes about 3 hours to charge Linky. If you’re in a hurry, you can purchase the optional fast charger, so it charges in about half an hour. If you choose the fast charger add-on we’ll still ship the regular charger for your board.

What is a universal charging system?

One of our stretch goals is a “universal charging system” which is inspired by current electric automobile trends. You can charge Linky with any charger you have on hand, for smartphones or PCs, with a USB or standard AC adapter (USB power delivery cable included).

Can I change the battery?

The battery can be substituted for maintenance reasons (replacement batteries will be available on our website after production). The battery compartment requires screws to open, and is sealed beneath the waterproofing O-Ring.

Is there a warrantee? Instruction book?

Yes, Linky comes with a standard 2 year manufacturer’s warrantee on the battery and board. In the case of a problem you will contact customer service and we will take care of it.

In addition, as many elements of a skateboard may get damaged due to normal use we will provide a user and maintenance manual with the instructions necessary for the maintenance of components such as wheels, bearings and belt.

What safety recommendations do you have for me?

We recommend that you ride Linky while wearing protective equipment, and use it in respect of all local laws.

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