LINKY 2.0 – Behind The Design Of The Most Advanced Electric Skateboard

Here at Linky Innovation, our team has been working restlessly in the past few years for this moment. We can finally share with you all that we are designing our new board, LINKY 2.0.

It’s time. Time to breathe new life into our streets. To revolutionize e-mobility and evolve with our cities. It’s time to ride beyond what you thought an electric skateboard was capable of.

Are you ready to go beyond?

We need to thank the call Brevetti+ for making this possible. Brevetti+ is the incentive for the economic exploitation of patents, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development and managed by Invitalia.

The design of Linky2.0 will be revolutionizing the e-mobility industry.

Made in Italy & Sustainable.

With an all-Italian team of suppliers and the final assembly stage handled at the Falerone facility, Linky stands for positive change. We are currently testing innovative materials to make the new Linky durable and more sustainable.

“In addition to being able to manage product quality in a more timely manner and cut logistics costs and shipping time, our dream is to bring value to our land. We want our company to have a positive impact not only on the environment but also on society.”

Bringing the production to our home means supporting our community, encouraging local growth, severely depressed after the 2016 earthquake.


Falerone, our beautiful hometown and headquarters of Linky Innovation.

To date, +6 young people under 35 were hired and trained in highly professionalizing roles.

+46 new hiring planned within 2026.

team linky innovation

Our incredible team!

The new board will continue to be the lightest foldable e-skateboard in the market.

So your favorite feature hasn’t been forgotten – phew. But what’s new? Well, Linky 2.0 will be optimized for faster riding. 2 power freewheeling brushless motors will provide powerful acceleration and will allow riders to hit speeds up to 40 km/h. Think your city is too big? think again. Linky 2.0 will feature two-wheel drive, an extended battery range, front and rear lights integrated into the structure, fenders, bigger tires, a new iconic frame design made with innovative and eco-friendly materials, and intelligent APP control for safety and better performance.

All of the materials will be produced in-house at a warehouse in Marche, rather than flown in from around the world—saving transportation costs and time. While the rest of the industry buys parts from Chinese factories and they just assemble, we develop the board ourselves.

Quality control—the key to customer retention—has to be a reality, not a slogan.

This is something that differentiates us completely from the rest of the industry.

The Challenge and Features.

The design challenge for our new board was to have an electric skateboard with much more power, more speed, and longer ride times, without compromising its foldability and lightness.

Welcome to every commuter rider’s dream.

We also wanted to bring the production in-house, but finding local suppliers wasn’t easy.

Modeling of the Linky lock/unlock system.

Modeling of the Linky lock/unlock system.

Through sketches and drawings, various ergonomic and functional studies were done on the Linky’s locking system to make it easier, functional, and intuitive.

new remote Linky

Engineered to perfection.

Great effort has been dedicated to the design of the new remote. After several studies and continuous implementations and modifications, both mathematical models and prototypes, we defined the style lines, shapes, and position of the interfaces in the final remote control concept.

Linky's wheels sketches

Study sketches for the wheels

Study sketches were created for the wheels in order to study the correct diameter and smoothness on different terrains, in order to always give the most pleasant riding feeling.

We’re always looking to make our cities less congested and polluted, and set a new precedent for how people choose to move around them. After all, our co-founders’ dream back in 2016 was to share a different and more sustainable way to move with the rest of the world. The speed, accessibility, and ease of Linky 2.0 will push a micro-mobility future into view, making it capable of forcing a shift in the hierarchy on the roads. It will offer riders a true car or motorbike replacement for their everyday lives in cities and beyond. Linky 2.0 is one step ahead of the game; an answer to our ever-evolving mobility needs as we and our urban spaces shift and change.




The best part? It’ll only get better. And better.

The next generation of electric riding is here.

Excited about all the things to come? Us too.

Linky has been reimagined, redesigned, and remastered from the ground up.

That’s just the start. More specs and capabilities of Linky 2.0 will be added as we work on bringing the electric skateboard to life – so keep an eye out.

Ready to join the rider revolution?

Linky 2.0 will be launched in fall of 2023.

Got a dozen burning questions? We’ve got you covered.

Drop your questions below!


  • Adrian
    Posted at 20:32h, 25 January Reply

    Any chance the new remote can be backwards compatible to Linky 1.0? Will their be app updates for Linky 1.0? Thanks from one of your first Indiegogo backers 🙂

    • Silvia Pipponzi
      Posted at 10:50h, 26 January Reply

      Unfortunately no because the new linky will have a more sophisticated Bluetooth 5.2 connection. But for our first Indiegogo customers we will provide a large discount for the new product!

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