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Range – 15 Km under urban riding condition

Uphill Climbing – 10% Grade with 100 Kg load

Top speed – 30 km/h

Riding mode – Eco, Cruise , Sport

Power train
Battery – Li-Ion NMC 18650 cells, 100Wh storable energy

Motor – Brushless – DC

BMS – Fully designed by our team and integrated in the plastic frame. Redundant control of cell voltages current and temperature for an extremely safe operation.

Fast Charge – 85% of the capacity in 30 minute. 60 minute for a complete charge.
Battery Cycle Life: Over 1,500 full charge cycles

Battery – intelligent power management to keep the battery and the motor in their SOA (safety operating area)

Wheels – 83 mm

Deck – 6 mm Double Layer Bamboo and Carbon Fiber with soft touch rubber on the edge

Frame – Fully designed by our team with high strength techno-polymer

Trucks – 180 mm. Fully designed by our team with high strength techno-polymer to minimize weight and increase pleasure of riding

Ergonomics – Soft touch rubber handle on back deck

Foldable System – Patent Pending

USB Connect: charges remote, mobile phone, or any USB device

Remote controller – Fully designed by our team. Coming Soon

APP – riding modes selection, trip information. Coming Soon on IOS and ANDROID

Linky sketch open
Length: 800 mm

Width: 280 mm

Height: 120 mm

Weight: 4,9 kg

Linky sketch closed
Length: 400 mm

Width: 280 mm

Height: 120 mm

Weight: 4,9 kg